Hash Trail

Haring a Trail - The (CH)2H3 Way

Trail is marked by the hare with a “dribble dropper” (a home-made item, involving a paint can, large stick, a nail, hammer and duct tape, then filled with flour for setting trail), if you’re not sure how go about making it, volunteer a hasher to make it for you, borrow another hashers, or for the unsophisticated, chalk. Trail needs to be marked in such a way that the most unobservant hasher can follow it.
When setting trail, it is important to remember that (CH)2 H3 has a of variety of fitness levels, so try to included something for everyone. The aim is to have the pack arrive at the OP or OH at approximately the same time, by using a mixture of trail markings.

Once the pack have left the house, aim for them to be running/walking for 20-30 minutes before reaching the OP. Repeat 2-3 times before returning OH.

When the pack arrives back OH, it is the hares job to ensure that there is dinner provided for the pack after the fines circle. The hare does not pay for the run when hosting, and they are donated $4 per head to help towards the cost of the food.

Types of Trail

Pre-Set Trail

The most common type used in (CH)2 H3. This is set by the hare, either the day before, or the afternoon/evening of the hash run. Be crafty when setting trail, as wind, rain or normal people may destroy some of it. Tuck into lampposts, or right on garden verges are a couple of suggestions.

Sawdust Trail

Used in forests, parks or rough terrain.  Very environmentally friendly and the hare need not clean up after. Sawdust trails need to be well marked, with big blobs acceptable instead of arrows, and circles are acceptable as checks.

Toilet Paper Trail

Used in forests, parks or rough terrain. It is usually tied around plant or trees to indicate where trail goes. When laying trail in this manner, you must be able to see the next piece of TP from the last piece. It is usually used when bush bashing.Try not to remove the TP for other purposes as you may not be the last person on the trail

Live Hare Trail

Used mainly by really fit hares, who want to enjoy a good run too! Rather than setting the trail pre-run, the hare sets out a predetermined number of  minutes before the rest of the pack. The hare does not need to set FT's or put in any checks, unless they are Usain Bolt, or want to get home quickly. Trail is finished when the hare is either caught, or arrives back OH without being caught. Hare is not considered caught at the OP. (Some live hares have been known to stash bicycles around the corner to help them set this type of run). For those that set a live hare run, a free LIVE HARE badge is presented to them, in recognition of not being caught.

(CH)2H3 Trail Markings

HHH or H3 should be marked on the ground in front of the hares house to signify where the run is being held. Great for when you forget the exact address.



Trail goes this way. Keep following it



Indicates Runners should follow trail this way



Indicates the Walkers should follow trail this way

CHECK - This means that anywhere within 100m trail continues. This is as-the-crow-flies, so you may have to ford streams, rivers or bush bash to find the next piece of trail. Hopefully someone is carrying chalk or find some other means to mark the direction in which trail continues for those trailing behind to follow

BACK CHECK - Somewhere between this check and the previous check you'll find trail. It may be down an alleyway, up an obscure set of steps or across the road and down a path, but always somewhere from whence you came. It will not lead directly on from the last check so it may take a while to find more trail. As with all checks, trial needs to be found within 100m

CHECK BACK - (number in check) - Return along the trail you came from, counting the arrows / markings. When you have counted back the number indicated in the check (in this case 4) you'll find trail heading off in  a different direction. 

H or HH - a Hash Halt. This is used for the pack to gather around and wait while on trail if the hare is uncertain that the pack will stay together. There are usually no refreshments at a Hash Halt, but songs may be sung while waiting for the slow ones to catch up. Once the pack has gathered then the run can be resumed immediately.

FT or H or F - False Trail. Go back to the last check and have another look. Usually used to slow runners down. The false trail should go on for no longer than 100m.

OP or OP - On Piss or Piss Stop. The most important mark of all. Somewhere in the surrounding 100m you will find the piss wagon stocked with refreshments to quench your thirst, and if the hare is feeling generous, something to nibble on too.

OH - On Home. Yay! The end of the run. All you have to do is make your way back to the hare's house for fines and food. Trail may be marked if it involves more than turning a couple of corners.